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O2 Journey Step 2: I’m a New Designer… Now What?

Well, HOOT HOOT!!! Congratulations & Welcome

If you are a new designer you’re probably anxiously awaiting your Starter Kit. If you’re like me, your are stalking your FedEx truck. Just you wait, it is so fun to open your kit and look at all your fun new stuff.

Now, here is a nice welcome video from The Nest.

The password is: oonewdesigners

  • Have you brainstormed and written your Why?
    • Remember, it is important to know what your plan is as you move forward in your Origami Owl journey. Will this be your business? A way to get super cute discounted jewelry for you and your friends? A way to save extra money for your kids or a vacation? Whatever it is…. Know your Why?
  • Have you set some dates in your calendar for your first Jewelry Bar?
    • While you wait for your kit, set aside dates in your calendar for your JB. This way you can plan your debut bar and also have dates ready when people ask you if they can Host a Jewelry Bar.
  • Have you gathered items to setup your Jewelry Bar?
    • Although it is not 100% necessary to purchase items for your JB. It does make for a cuter setup. As your mentor, I can guide you on ways to find super budget friendly items for your table. Also, if you’re in my area and I am your mentor we can discuss loaner items as well. Some designers purchase inventory and perform a cash and carry business. You do not have to do this so don’t be discouraged. There are many ways to be successful with Origami Owl.
  • Have you chosen a mentor?
    • This is important. If you did not assign a Mentor during your sign-up with Origami Owl, you’ll need to. The Nest will send you an email telling you that you have 10 days to assign a Mentor. It is definitely important that you choose someone carefully. You need to be a part of a team that is going to be there for you. If I were you, I would email or call The Nest after you sign-up to confirm you have entered and chosen the correct Mentor. You need to be a part of a team where your questions can be answered. Please choose carefully. I chose a mentor who I quickly found was not responsive and only wanted to add a designer to their list. I worked swiftly and changed my mentor as fast as I could so that I could be a part of an ACTIVE team working together to help each other be successful. My mentor is all the way in Ohio and I am in California. That does not matter because I can stay 100% connected with her through email, Facebook, and phone. So, browse around and choose your Mentor wisely. If you decide you would like me to be your Mentor, My ID is #52964. I will be here for you. If not, that is ok as well, please choose someone who will help you to be successful.

    Now get familiar with your Back Office. Log into your Origami Owl Back Office which is super awesome and just upgraded. Get familiar. If you have questions, email me:

  • Your Back Office is where you will:
    • Place Orders
    • Create Jewelry Bars
    • Manage your sales and commission reports
    • Edit your settings and website information
    • Manage your business and stay connected with the O2 Lounge

    Get going! What are you waiting for? You’re going to have so much fun. Remember, I am here to help you so Contact Me on Facebook and Let’s Get Started!

  • becomedesigner_origamiowl_joinmyteam


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