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O2 Journey Step 1:

Maybe you were invited to an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar…

Maybe you have seen images of living lockets on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Perhaps while you were out running errands you saw someone with an Origami Owl bracelet or necklace and you said, “OMG! Your necklace is so cute!, Where did you get it?”

Or, maybe you even read about our Origami Owl Found Bella Weems on

However you heard of Origami Owl, you’re here now because you’re interested. Well, I invite you to browse this blog to learn more about the Origami Owl journey. I also encourage you to check out my Facebook and Pinterest pages to get inspiration for creating your living locket.

You can order directly —-> shoptilyoudrop_origamiowl_ashleekrol

So, you have taken a look around and browsed different locket styles and inspirations. Now you either want to purchase a locket for yourself or a loved one. You may even be thinking about Joining my Origami Owl team. The first step in this journey is to familiarize yourself with the product.

I did that by purchasing the ———-> starterkit

In addition, before I purchased the Origami Owl Starter Kit, I browsed the website which you can also do by clicking the kit picture. Because I had already seen a few necklaces in person, I was hooked.

That is where MY JOURNEY begins:

I am an Origami Owl Independent Designer ID# 52964

When I first heard of Origami Owl I saw a picture online. I was thinking, “what is that?, those are so cute!!.” I had no idea where to buy one. Then, I went to my sister-in-law’s bridal shower and she received her Origami Owl locket necklace as a bridal shower gift. It was adorable; it was the rose gold chain and locket with beautiful charms all representing her upcoming cruise destination wedding. She was in love. I was so excited to see one in person.

I did not know that each locket comes in a fortune cookie made from Kimono fabrics and is then placed in a cute Take Out Box.


That is when I did a search online for Origami Owl when I got home. I realized that you cannot purchase them from a regular department store or boutique. I realized you have to purchase the living lockets from a Designer. So, I started to search for a designer. Then, I realized that there were successful teams of designers. I was instantly interested in Hosting a Jewelry Bar. So, I emailed one team to see if they had anyone in my area to host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. Honestly, it sounds so salesy and cheesy, but I couldn’t wait. I’m a super impatient person and I started to look more at the Starter Kit. I saw that you get 4 lockets, 4 chains, and 36 charms in addition to all the business stuff. Me being the penny pincher I am, I thought, “I’m going to buy these for gifts this Christmas anyway. Why shouldn’t I just buy the Starter Kit, even if I don’t make a business?” That is what I did and I’m so happy because when I received the Starter Kit, I was truly able to make a decision as to where my journey would go with Origami Owl.

I was ridiculously anxious waiting for my starter kit to come in the mail. In my daily life, I am a nursing student who goes to school 20+ hours a week and then studies for 30+ hours a week. Excitement in my life is rare these days, and I was so EXCITED to receive my new kit. I stalked the FedEx driver and was so embarrassed one day when I waited outside on my balcony and he drove right past me. But, later that day my beautiful turquoise box arrived at my doorstep. I immediately opened it and went through every single item. Then, I started creating my Facebook and Pinterest Pages so that I could share my new journey with my friends and family. I set the date for my first Jewelry Bar and created an E-vite. I also logged in the Origami Owl Back Office to get familiar with the system. Little did I know, they were completely upgrading the system a week later. Much to my surprise I now have a completely user friendly and easy to navigate, Back Office to control my business.  This is my journey so my advice is listed below:

  1. Explore My Shop -Christmas is here and it is time to buy gifts. I have a thousand ways for you to save money with Origami Owl so contact me and I’ll help you.
  2. Check out my Facebook Page and Pinterest Board because I have a ton of examples of lockets if you aren’t sure where to start.
  3. Host a Jewelry Bar – whether you want discounts, free jewelry, time to have fun with your friends, or something new to check out, I’ll help ya. You can host an online Facebook Jewelry Bar. I’ll help you create the event and invite your friends. You will earn discounts and jewelry as they purchase from YOUR Jewelry Bar that YOU are Hosting. It’s a super fun way to have a Girl’s Night in PJ’s! Is your daughter a cheerleader or on a dance or sports team? Why not have her get together with her girlfriends and have a Jewelry Bar Party? And yes, you can even sign up as a Mother/Daughter Team. I know once your girlfriends, moms, sisters, daughters, etc. see your necklace they’re going to want one. So, host a Jewelry Bar and earn free stuff. Why not?
  4. Talk to Me- If you want to be a part of The Owlet Hatch team, talk to me. I’ll help you. If you’re not sure about becoming a designer, or how the Origami Owl business model works, just ask me. I’m not here to do some gimmicky sales mumbo jumbo crap. I am here to explain the direct sales model of Origami Owl and help you to decide if it is for you. Either way, Christmas is here and I’m sure there’s at least one female in your life who would L-O-V-E a customized Origami Owl necklace or bracelet. OO/Direct Sales, is not for everyone despite what other Designers will try to tell you. But, what is awesome is that the business model is different from other companies. And, hosting Jewelry Bars is absolutely so much fun. You can sell Origami Owl in so many different ways. You can hold your own inventory, have customers buy directly from your online shop, or take in person orders with Take Out Menu and online Facebook Parties. There’s a lot of ways. I’ll help you be CREATIVE.
  5. Your Why? – Every Owlet in the Owlet Hatch has a Why? Why are you doing this? Why did you buy the Starter Kit? Why do you like Origami Owl products? Why? So, if you are trying to decide if it’s for you then start with your Why? Without your WHY?…. YOU WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL. Because, if you don’t know why your doing this business and you just throw money at it blindly, then you’re not going to succeed. You need to have a reason. My reason? I am engaged (to the man of my dreams) I am a nursing student with NO INCOME, and I L-O-V-E this product, and I want to make extra money so I can save for my WEDDING!!! Basically, I cannot get married until I make money with this business. Why am I an Origami Owl Independent Designer? BECAUSE I WANNA GET MARRIED AND HAVE THE WEDDING OF MY DREAMS!!!! THAT’S WHY 🙂
  6. {We are SUPPORTED} By joining The Owlet Hatch you will have access to private Facebook Groups where you can ask questions and feel supported in your journey. Whenever I don’t know what to do or I have a question about something, I simply go on my Group page and post it. Within minutes to hours I have an answer. You will have direct access to me through Facebook, email, and phone as well. If I don’t know the answer for you I’ll find it.
  7. MARKETING MATERIALs — The Nest (Origami Owl’s Headquarters) gives all of us Designers full access to tons of marketing material images for us to use. In addition to this our Facebook Group Designers post their approved marketing materials for us to have access to as well. There’s never a shortage of help and materials for you to market yourself.

That’s my STEP 1 Journey advice. Again, I am here to help you. The best way to get started is to contact me on Facebook and message me through my page. In addition you can purchase your Starter Kit if you’re ready. Otherwise, like I said, Talk to Me… I’ll help you Join My Team: The Owlet Hatch. If you would like me to be your Mentor make sure to enter my ID#52964 when purchasing your Starter Kit. 


{Hoot! Hoot!}

Ashlee K

Independent Designer ID#52964


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