The Owlet Hatch

Create floating lockets, Join my Team, Host a Jewelry Bar


Welcome to The Owlet Hatch!

I am a nursing student in Southern California and I am so thankful to have Origami Owl in my life. These beautiful lockets are growing popularity and are the hottest trend in customizable jewelry. They are the perfect gift for your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, grandma, daughter, etc. Women and ladies are falling in love with them. I randomly learned about Origami Owl online. I never even went to a jewelry bar before I bought my starter kit. When my sister in law received a locket necklace at her bridal shower I started to get really curious. I saw the cute fortune cookie and take out box. Her charms were so cute and fit her style and personality perfectly. I looked up Origami Owl immediately. I learned I could sell them. I quickly learned how much people are obsessed with them and here I am now. I am a member of Team Hoot Mamas. I am so grateful to have them. I thought I would be lost because I had never attended a Jewelry Bar nor met an O2 Independent Designer. When I found my mentor online, I was quite relieved. We have access to each other on private Facebook groups; we share a plethora of information to stay up to date and in the loop at all times while we grow our business. If you want to join my team, The Owlet Hatch you will also have access to the private groups and all the amazing independent designers who are so helpful and fun. Origami Owl previously had a waiting list, but the WAITLIST IS OVER! yay!

This blog is for my Gorgeous Owlets who are interested in ordering lockets, learning how to create unique styles, and joining my Owlet Team. Please contact me if you have any questions below:


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